Europium Metal

Europium Metal

Europium is a ductile silvery metal belonging to the lanthanide group of the periodic table. It is the most reactive one of the rare earth elements.

Atomic number: 63

Atomic weight: 151.964

Element category: lanthanide

Application of europium

Red and blue phosphors, lasers, mercury-vapor lamps, fluorescent lamps, NMR relaxation agent

Edgetech Industries now can provide various europium metal products including:

Irregular: lump, chunk, granules.

Solid: Ingot, sheet, plate, block, plate, disc, cube, rod, sputtering target and other customized parts.

Shaped Europium Metal

We provide europium metal plate, ingot, rod, sheet, cylinder, block, disc, cube, sputtering target for shaped europium metal

Irregular Europium Metal

We provide europium metal lump, chunk, granules for irregular europium metal