Lanthanum Oxide

Lanthanum Oxide

La2O3 is a white, odorless solid that is soluble in dilute acid but insoluble in water. La2O3 is a rare earth oxide compound, which is a basic anhydride and can therefore react with acids and with strong reducing agents in redox reactions. Lanthanum oxide have a wide range of applications from producing clay bowls to advanced electronics. It is also useful in light weight structural components in aerospace and electrochemical applications such as fuel cells due to its ionic conductivity. We provide high purity La2O3 with powder, granules, pellets, sputtering targets, and other customized forms.


La2O3/TREO: 3N, 4N, 5N

La2O3 Powder, Granules, Lump

Lanthanum (III) Oxide Sputtering Target

La2O3 target with backing plate


-Used to make optical glasses, to which this oxide confers increased density, refractive index, and hardness.

-Is an ingredient for the manufacture of piezoelectric and thermoelectric materials.

-Used in X-ray imaging intensifying screens, phosphors as well as dielectric and conductive ceramics.

-Has been examined for the oxidative coupling of methane.

-Together with oxides of tungsten, tantalum, and thorium, La2O3 improves the resistance of the glass to attack by alkali.

Packaging of rare earth oxides

Our rare earth oxides are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Iron drums and cartons are used. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

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