Erbium Metal

Erbium Metal

Erbium, another silvery-white metal, has desirable optical properties which make them particularly useful in laser applications. Erbium is one of the rare earth elements among Lanthanide series. Pure Er metal is malleable, soft and fairly stable in air. It oxidizes slower than some other rare-earth metals. Common uses of Erbium are as a photographic filter and as a metallurgical additive. Erbium can also be used in nuclear technology. When alloyed with vanadium, erbium lowers hardness and improves workability.

Symbol: Er

Atomic number: 68

Atomic weight: 167.259

Element category: lanthanide

Application of erbium

Erbium-doped glasses are simple laser optical amplifiers and erbium is also a key component of fibers for optical communications. Er: YAG laser is essential for laser surgery. Erbium also has a variety of other applications such as neutron-absorbing control rods for nuclear reactors, colorants for glasses, cubic zirconia and porcelain, cryocoolers. Infrared lasers, vanadium steel, fiber-optic technology.

Edgetech Industries now can provide various erbium metal products including:

Material: reduced terbium, distilled Er metal (erbium sublimed dendritic)

Irregular: powder, lump, chunk, granules, particles.

Solid: Ingot, block, sheet, plate, disc, rod, wire, pellets, sputtering target and other customized parts.

Shaped Erbium Metal

We provide shaped erbium metal with sheet, plate, ingot, rod, wire, cylinder, block, disc, and sputtering target, parts per drawings are also available on requests.

Irregular Erbium Metal

We provide erbium metal powder, lump, chunk, granules, and particles for irregular erbium.